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HDMI Extender

LKV373 120m HDMI Extender over IP

LKV373 is an HDMI extender that not only can work as other normal HDMI extender by transmitting HDMI signal via single CAT5/6 cable, but also can transmit signal via Ethernet and can work as HDMI splitter + infinite extender by connecting to multi-port Ethernet router. More Ethernet switch/router cascade can extend to multiple-layer distance.

Details of the introduction


-HDMI: HDMI 1.3 Version, compliant with HDCP
-Resolution: 480i@60HZ, 480P@60HZ, 576i@50HZ, 576P@60HZ, 720P@50/60HZ, 1080i@50/60HZ, 1080P/50/60HZ
-Transmission distance by RJ45 cable:
 CAT5 cable: max. 80 meters at 1080p;
 CAT5e cable: max. 100 meters at 1080p;
 CAT6 cable: max. 150 meters at 1080p.
This distance is also compliant for connection by switch/router for distribution.
-Cable runs can be extended another 80~150m by adding a Gigabit Ethernet switch
- Maximum 3 layers of Ethernet switches could be passed through
- Uses off-the-shelf gigabit IP switches for extension and distribution; and the switch/router can be used to log onto the internet at the same time.
-Follow up standard IEEE-568B protocol,
-Power supply: 5V 1A for both the transmitter and the receiver
-Working power: transmitter: 3W; Receiver: 3W
-Network bandwidth: 100M at the least
-Product dimension: 11*5.8*2.6 (L*W*H) cm

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