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KM801M 8 Port Manual Smart VGA USB KVM Switch PC Computer Selector 1 KM Combo Controls 8 Hosts with Extension Switcher

The 8-Port USB KVM switch lets you manage multiple computers with just one set of keyboard, monitor and mouse. This rack mount device supports USB and PS/2 interface on both the console and the PC side. Popular hardware platforms such as PC, Linux and Mac are supported. Users can switch between PCs using hotkey or push button for flexible management. Users can also hot-plug PCs on the fly to avoid downtime. The 8-Port USB KVM switch is the perfect choice for managing multiple PC's.. Provides an extensible design that enables Service prioritization for data. Design that delivers high availability, scalability, and for maximum flexibility and price/performance.

Details of the introduction

Key press switch: Button press
Led display Support resolution 1920*1440
Monitor interface: VGA
Monitor interface: VGA 8 5-feet USB Cables are included
Computer Connections: 8 Ports No power needed
1:Perfect to follow the 19-inch rack design standards, suitable for engineering cabinets using professional anti-detonator design
2:Can withstand the instantaneous high voltage lightning protection indicators up to discharge 8KV, air discharge 15KV
3:Support 250mhz broadband support 1920x1440 high resolution, holding LED indicator current computer, support reset button
4:Products by a variety of display device testing, perfect output, good compatibility, shell using high-grade metal design, strong antioxidant, strong corrosion resistance
1x8 port KVM switch
8 pcs original Cable
1 x User manual
1 x Extension switcher

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